I have booked an air ticket and my flight is cancelled. What now?

We understand this is difficult times  and we are ready to help you in the best possible way that we can! We Make sure your money is not to waist. When you book a ticket through our agency and due to unexpected circumstances the travel is cancelled from the airline we always get in contact with them FOR you. We will let you know the airline’s policy and alternatives for your travel and be sure you will make the final decision for your travel. Usually the tickets remain open with a 18 month validity , of course it depends on the airline when and if they agree to refund you.Getting you money back is not an agency issue but an airline.

Can you help arrange my travel visas?

Requirements for travel visas vary widely depending on your nationality and your destination. Although we are unable to arrange visas for all destinations we are more than happy to assist you with embassy contacts , documentation needed etc. In case you issue ticket from our travel agency for United States & Canada we can also arrange the travel visas for these destinations on the spot. We can also issue  Australian visa.

What is the most appropriate type of luggage to bring?

It depends whether you travel with handbag only ( usually 7-8 kilos and dimensions 56cm X 45cm X 25cm)  or with a luggage 23 kilos. However each company has its own limitations on baggage equipment so we can always inform you for your  booked flights.

We strongly recommend bringing a backpack or duffel bag, as suitcases can be cumbersome and difficult to store in buses, under seats, etc..


What type of ground transportation is used on your tours?

We offer a variety of transportation.We can arrange buses for groups (50 seated,30 seated etc.) , private transfers for 2-6 people or taxi. You can let us knowyour preferences and budget and we will arrange the ideal transportation for you!

Can I book extra nights of hotel accommodation before or after my tour?

Of course you can, in most cases we can arrange additional accommodation even at last minute. However this is always subject to availaibility but in any case we will try to service you best.We strongly recommend to book early your accommodations in order to avoid high season problems with overbooking.We are happy to assist and make your holidays .. Marvellous!

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